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"We believe that the Constitution of the United States is a timeless document that serves as the foundation of our Nation's principles. Those who swear to defend it, pay the highest respect to our past, present and future. Cajun Ammo believes that those who have sworn to protect the founding principles of our country deserve the support of all those who enjoy the liberties they protect.”

Sunday, March 2, 2014

TEAM Special Ops Survivors tackles the Special Ops Spartan Race - Tampa, Fl

Well, TEAM Special Ops Survivors hits it again.  With generous support from Cajun Ammo, seven fallen Heroes of Special Operations and their families were honored in this 4 + mile meat grinder in Tampa, Fl., aka "Special Ops Spartan Race".  Competitors were greeted by Wounded Warriors and the Commanding Officer of USSOCOM, Admiral McRaven.  Whipping winds and rain didn't stop the kickoff heat at 0800.  At each turn was another test of fitness and will.

The course was typical Spartan, with a twist of USSOCOM.  Not only was it the the intimidating Spartan stadium course involving lots of wall climbs, stairs and sandbags, but also a churning 100 yard commando crawl.  It then transitioned to an outdoor course beginning with a 100 pound Herc Lift,  100 pound atlas ball obstacle, spear chuckin and a water logged rope climbing test of true fitness and endurance.  There were no freebies and every error had its penalty, 30 burpees under supervision.

But as the TEAM attacked each obstacle, it was the Hero they represented that pushed them to the finish line. Each member was loaded with full combat kit of uniform, body armor, helmet and packs.  Enough to make an already tough course, miserable.  But those Heroes didn't falter when the pressure was on, nor was the TEAM.  They gave all when it mattered most. And it didn't stop there.  Their surviving spouse and families, left behind to continue on without their loved one.  Take a minute to remember the Heroes and their sacrifices.

The Heroes honored..........

Pre-race Staging.....

The make shift camp.

Admiral McRaven, CO of USSOCOM


Briefing at the start line.

Sharing the Heroes stories with the competitors.

Can they STFU?

Sandbag fun up and down the stadium!

Meeting friends of the fallen....

Spiderman and the Wall!

The 100 yard crawl.... 


Bustin' and lovin' it!

A casual Saturday jog...

The Atlas Ball carry and more burpees...

Working out the kinks..

The final wall climb..

And the Sprints..

The fire jump to the finish.

The ammo can challenge..

The Final Push.....

The final push.

The grand finale........

Running the gauntlet...

Sharing the stories again..........


Cajun Ammo is proud to the have the opportunity to support those that have paid the price for our freedoms. We encourage others to also honor these Heroes and their families that have done so much to protect our constitutional rights, beliefs and luxuries of democracy.  Are you ready to step it up?


  1. I'm one of the Team Special Ops Survivors racers....

    It was an amazingly challenging course (particularly in gear) but running for the widows and the memory of the heroes made it a rewarding race. Thanks!

  2. Great course but itching to get back to the mud! What a great way to build awareness and expose people to the fact that many widows of our best can use a little extra support!