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Saturday, January 25, 2014

No Concealed Carry In A Movie?

Concealed carry in a movie theater??

So, I decide to go and see the new release of "Lone Survivor".  Assured to be a great movie, honoring some true American Heroes, quiet professionals.   An audience likely to be pro-American and believers in the constitution, right?  It is one of those movies where you hope the money goes to a cause other than stuffing some Hollywood actors wallet.   So I digress, as I approached the entrance, I noticed a tiny "No Handgun" symbol, in the corner of the bottom of the glass door.  Possibly a response to the well known and horrific tragedy of  2012 in Aurora, Colorado.  The shooting sensationalized the reality that no place is safe and the only security is that which you can provide for yourself.  Law enforcement wants to help, but they can't be everywhere at all times.   But this really wasn't the first theater shooting.  Theaters are a beacon for  large groups of people, and with a large group comes attitudes and attitudes clash. And where there are attitudes, comes hostility and so on..........

In our state, the law stipulates no concealed carrying of handguns (even with a permit) is allowed in an establishment that posts signage against weapons carry.  So as a law abiding citizen, I proceed to return to my car, disarm and return to the movie.  I sit down and begin to question my security and hope the bad guys follow the rules too.  It was a little nerve racking at first, but after noting all the cargo pants, un-tucked shirts and loose jackets, I was reassured that my near sighted friends in the audience didn't see that teeny tiny sign......  So how bout a few cheers for visual loss.  Maybe next time, I'll choose a movie at a more second amendment friendly establishment.

So what do you think???