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"We believe that the Constitution of the United States is a timeless document that serves as the foundation of our Nation's principles. Those who swear to defend it, pay the highest respect to our past, present and future. Cajun Ammo believes that those who have sworn to protect the founding principles of our country deserve the support of all those who enjoy the liberties they protect.”

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TEAM Special Ops Survivors

"We believe that those that who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, leave behind far greater than they have lost, a family.  Behind every strong family unit, is a spouse."

   We at Cajun Ammo would like to introduce Special Ops Survivors (501c(3)), the only charity that supports the Surviving Spouses of fallen Special Operations Personnel.  The Special Ops Survivors story began in 2002 when one person was inspired to help a Special Ops family in need. In early 2002, word came that a Navy SEAL, Neil Roberts, had died in combat in the mountains of Afghanistan. A fellow Navy SEAL teammate felt compelled to do something to take care of the family Neil had left behind. One thing led to another and the organization that eventually became Special Ops Survivors was born. Now after over a decade of service to the Special Operations community, Special Ops Survivors has touched the lives of over 200 surviving spouses and their families.

Honor, Embrace, Empower and Assist.  These are the ideals that motivate Special Ops Survivors. Honor the fallen and remember the sacrifices of them and their families. Embrace the surviving spouse and let them know they are not alone. Empower the surviving spouse to charge forward and live fulfilling lives. Assist when needed but no hand outs, just hand ups.  It is this commitment to fulfilling the battlefield promises that Cajun Ammo has chosen to spotlight and support Special Ops Survivors. 

Cajun Ammo is a proud sponsor of TEAM: Special Ops Survivors, a motivated team of civilians and retired military that desire to give back to the families of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The Team trains and competes year round in the new wave of "Mudders" . All members wear uniforms and equipment, similar to that utilized of SOF Personnel.  At each race, each team member represents one particular fallen Hero of Special Operations and their Surviving Spouses by donning memorial name tapes of the fallen hero, including their name, rank, unit and KIA date, unit logo, and also the individuals Unit Patch.  Team members are educated personally by the Surviving Spouse with all critical and personal information regarding the fallen Hero, so as to be able to memorialize them in discussion with surrounding race participants.  After each race is completed the original patches and name tapes are returned to the Surviving Spouse and a copy of the memorial name tape is rotated to their pack.  At the next event, a different group of Heroes and their Surviving Spouses are honored.  Through commitment, team work  and the desire to never quit despite adversity, TEAM: Special Ops Survivors honors the memory of the fallen heroes and their families, much as the heros would have done.  

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The Hero!

Pre-race prayer.

Spreading the word.

The calm.

The storm

A hand up!

No one left behind.

The Wall.



One more climb..

The final leg..

The Muck!

Thanking the men that serve!

The Support TEAM! Couldn't do it without them..
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Who We Are

To Our Valued Customer,

In the world of the internet, companies appear seemingly from nowhere and exist just as clever addresses and websites with high tech programming. Online companies exist as generic facades which one can make no personal connection. We at Cajun Ammo believe that our customers need to know who we are and what we stand for. No hidden agendas, just the plain truth. Cajun Ammo was born from a desire of shooting enthusiasts to provide bulk ammunition at reasonable prices. After several reprehensible tragic events, the shooting world was turned upside down and placed in the crosshairs of antigun politicians. While our competitors responded by price gouging, Cajun Ammo held true to its model and maintained competitive pricing. With prompt shipping and personal attention from our staff, Cajun Ammo put its customers first and bank account second. We also believe that a company is only as sound as its principles and desire to give back to the community that allows it to succeed. That's why we are proud to introduce our "We Believe" campaign. Each quarter, Cajun Ammo will introduce our customers to our fundamental beliefs and act on those beliefs by supporting real charities. Talk is one thing, but actions speak volumes.

Over the next year, Cajun Ammo will highlight 4 charities that focus on Special Operations and donate a portion of all proceeds to assist them in fulfilling their mission. In certain circumstances, Cajun Ammo management will participate in events and give time to the charity. Like the silent professionals that they represent, each organization is not well known, but no less important in the mission of a successful military. We look forward to spot lighting these charities and bringing them to the attention of our customers and friends.

Very respectfully,
The Management Team